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How do I register with bookthehotel.in?

It’s easy to register with us. Just click the Register link on the top menu and complete the form. Although one does not need to register in order to book or search. You can complete the online booking process, and use the same email address.

How I change my password and edit my account on bookthehotel.in ?

Sign in to your account From the My Bookings section, you can click on the “Change Password” link and reset your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, click here, follow the instructions and you will get an email with instructions on your preferred mail address.

If you want to some editing in your bookthehotel account, it’s very simple just Sign in to your Account. From the My Bookings section, you can click on the “My Profile” link and edit your account information. But we have no any option to change the user name. So you want to change your user name , you should have to get new registration on our site bookthehotel.in .

Can I book on your site if I am a non-resident Indian?

Anybody can book hotel from anywhere in the world through bookthehotel.in.

How I speak to someone in Customer Support?

We offer you 24×7 customer supports. You can also write to our customer support team.

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